Is this another swipe at Sam?

Khaiyum has intervened dramatically in a squatter resettlement project in Ba, declaring he’s shocked that the squatters have been asked for $15,000 for their re-developed blocks. “I cannot believe the insensitive way in which the Ba Council and its Special Administrator have treated the legitimate concerns of these poor and vulnerable Fijian families,” he said. Is this just another way of trying to humiliate the former Minister for Local Government, Colonel Sam Saumatua? There is nothing that gives Khaiyum greater pleasure than humiliating senior military officers.

Fiji Times July 10, 2013 A-G’s help

2 Responses to “Is this another swipe at Sam?”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    Naturally, we are never given the facts by ASK.

    Was the land being re-developed, with full title certificates? Was $15,000 the cost of the re-developed land approved by the Cabinet? Or is ASK asking us to believe that the Ba Special Administrator was empowered to sell the land for whatever he could get?

    Give us a break ASK. This intervention, as if the development had never been approved by government, is ridiculous.

    It is, as you suggest FDN, just an attempt to have another swipe at Sam

  2. aa Says:

    that deal was probably done by the corrupt guy who is now the administrator in Lautoka.

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