Chaudhry takes a huge swipe before departing

MPC has taken a big swipe at Khaiyum just before leaving the country for New Zealand. He said the Khaiyum claim that, previous Governments never had to disclose their incomes is completely misleading. He said “the salaries of parliamentarians were always available for the public to see”. They were set by a a Parliamentary Commission and the report of this commission was published. “He is plainly lying” Chaudhry said. Mr Chaudhry said he is amazed at how secretive the regime is being about their salaries and says the government must have something to hide. Well said MPC.

Radio New Zealand 09 July, 2013 Fiji’s Chaudhry says AG’s claims on past governments misleading

4 Responses to “Chaudhry takes a huge swipe before departing”

  1. losalini Says:

    khaiyum caught at another lie. this man has no shame. time to deport him to sri lanka.

  2. Babra Malimali Says:

    MPC always makes comments on BaiKai b4 leaving the country or when he is away from the country – WHY?
    Anyways, Chaudhary uncle wish you good medical service in NZ and yes do not worry at all about care giving as your favorite Dr Shyster Shameem is available at ‘no’ coat for you.

  3. mohammed iftikar Says:

    why is MPC not decalring money in aboard accounts.

  4. Tevita Says:

    Because MPC is keeping for his son Rajen’s illegal/illegitimate children all over the place who will one day come to demand their share.

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