Boseiwaqa tries to curry favour

Bainimarama’s Lands Ministry boss, Tevita Boseiwaqa, has blamed landowners for disputes between landowners and tenants. He said “the lack of education and literacy among many landowners has been identified as one of the main causes of disputes between them and their tenants”. “Lack of education and literacy”! What a thing for a man appointed by our No-School Buffoon dictator to say! It looks like this statement is directed at currying favour with the real boss, Khaiyum. Wouldn’t it be better for the man responsible for dealing with landowners to have more respect for them than this? A buffoon like this, appointed by an even bigger buffoon, may not realise that many landowners are better educated than him. Every well-educated Fijian (sorry iTaukei) is also a member of a landowning group.

Radio Fiji 10 July 2013 Ministry to mediate land issues

3 Responses to “Boseiwaqa tries to curry favour”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    Let’s not forget Boseiwaqa’s predecessor as PS in Lands Ministry -the awful Neumi Leweni, who was plucked from the RFMF band by JVB and turned into, first, a Colonel, then a Permanent Secretary and now a diplomat.
    This idea that landowners are ignorant and uneducated is the basis of the Land Use Decree. Under the LUD, the landowners give their land to the State and then the State can do with it what it likes. It can determine the rents, the length of the lease etc, all without any need to obtain landowner consent to those conditions.
    But worst of all the LUD does not make the interests of landowners paramount. LUD requires the State to balance the landowners interests against the national interest. If it’s in the national interest to give a Chinese company a sweetheart deal with low rents, LUD says the state should do it.

  2. bs Says:

    this is the same argument used by the british to steal Australia from the aboriginal people. very racist and patronizing. the law basically says it is the prime minister (substitute airyass kaiyum) that knows best. what happens if the prime minister is not a kaiviti? would u kaivitis take it? bet your bottom dollar you wont. reason for another coup? and this regime says its constitution and policies will remove once and for all the coup culture?? more lies and more deceit.
    so u kaiviti better wake up before it is too late.

  3. bodyguard Says:

    the problem is every urban person is always under-estimating the intelect of those leaving in the village.
    they (villager dwellers) possess alot of wisdom then you think.
    they can read through you like an open book

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