Will Khaiyum be able to control himself?

We all remember that Khaiyum managed to have his old friend Prof Yash Ghai appointed as head the Constitutional Commission. But we also remember it didn’t take long for Khaiyum to fall out with his old teacher. Khaiyum cannot help himself. He has to have total control. So how will all the international experts who have offered to help with Elections Office work with the ego-maniac Khaiyum? How long will they last before they are either leave in disgust or they’re kicked out like the ILO mission last year?

Fiji Live July 08, 2013 Experts arrive to assess election needs

One Response to “Will Khaiyum be able to control himself?”

  1. Ms Arfana Nisha Says:

    Please stop being so disrespectful to the Attorney General. He is the greatest leader we have ever had. He will make a great President. The best choice for Prime Minister will be Mr Rajendra Chaudhry. He was a brilliant lawyer and he would be a brilliant Prime Minister.

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