Khaiyum can’t hide his glee

Khaiyum couldn’t wait to put on his hats as both Acting Prime Minister and Attorney General to announce that Kiribati has bought 6000 acres of land in Vanua Levu. We all know the iKiribati face a difficult future with rising sea waters and we are all sympathetic. It was just this feeling Khaiyum was banking on when he took the opportunity to announce that the land had been sold. The purchase was reported in the media months ago, but Khaiyum had to rub it in. He thinks iTaukei are too lazy to use their land and it’s his mission to wrest it from them. If this is freehold land, then it’s good for the iKiribati. If this is Crown Land, maybe there are former landowners who want to know more. People just want to know the truth.

Fiji Village 08/07/2013 Kiribati buys 6000 acres of land in Vanua Levu

One Response to “Khaiyum can’t hide his glee”

  1. losalini Says:

    Ayarse, you kisitoni. tell us now. is it freehold or crown land?

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