Why do we now have 8 magistrates in Suva?

Illegal chief Justice Anthony Gates mentioned in passing a swearing in of Justices of the Peace and Commissioner of Oaths that there were only 3 Magistrates in Suva when he arrived and now there are 8. The reason for this is not hard to understand. It’s crime. We need more and more Magistrates to lock up young iTaukei men convicted of crime. When Bainimarama seized power he promised to end this problem, but it’s obvious he has not done this. In Fearless frank’s Race Free Fiji, we cannot even mention this problem, let alone try to agree policies to solve it.

Radio Fiji 7 July 2013
Major developments for Fiji’s Justice Department

2 Responses to “Why do we now have 8 magistrates in Suva?”

  1. losalini Says:

    how many does fiji need to change a light blub? 8 magistrates! karaki. at this rate, 50% of the itaukei population will be behind bars if bainivuaka/khaiyum win the election.

  2. bb Says:

    the magistrates now are so inexperienced they cannot cope with the current workloads and only add on to the already huge backlog…and worse they can only work in the mornings otherwise they get stressed out and cannot cope. u only have to go past the suva courts after 11am and u will see the whole lot of them closed for business for the day.
    that’s why u need 8 to keep adjourning cases so it looks like justice is being delivered, but in reality only delaying and adding to the back log. the same story only worse when u move away from suva.

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