The Khaiyum kode

Left hand over heart, eyes shut, another false oath
(image courtesy Discombobulated Bubu)

When the I (for Illegal) AG says “the elections office will not be politicised” he means that it will work under his close control. To do this he has “plans to revise the selection criteria and process to appoint officers to the Elections Office”. He says the key to this is “merit”. We all remember that he forced Mere Vuniwaqa out of office because she did not want to be a puppet dancing to his tune like Bainimarama. This jumped up smart-alec thinks we’re not clever enough to read the Khaiyum Kode, but his modus operandi is clear to everyone except Bainimarama.

Fiji Live July 07, 2013 Elections office will not be politicised: AG

5 Responses to “The Khaiyum kode”

  1. joe black Says:

    ANU professor waden narsey has not written much about fiji for sometime now and his opinions on john samy and rbf senior mgr who could not become governors and other rubbish about fiji expats – i wonder why- rumor has it that this gay boy now has aids and is about to die- had his ass fcked once to often

  2. Anon Says:

    Seriously joe?! Couldnt do better than this?


  3. losalini Says:

    Joe black. you are as sick as khaiyum. and your soul is loaloa like bainimarama. just a bunch of corrupt, greedy, lying coup supporters sucking up to the illegal dictator for a handful of $$$

  4. Donasele Says:

    Joe Loaloa…you are sick.

    Its your character and brain that are sick with Aids not the honest Pof we all admire in Fiji…..what are you???? Black Loaloa?? You must be an Aids Virus

  5. bb Says:

    the elections that’s never going to happen in 2014.
    constitution now to come out in august…then coup in September/October then another interim/illegal regime for another 10 years to reverse what’s happened in the last 7 years…the never ending cycle of coups…Fiji will have more coups than cyclones very soon…another world first to add to its infamous record.

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