Bainikhaiyum bug infects rugby

Since the coup in 2007 there has been a steady stream of sackings and mysterious resignations. Following the regime’s takeover of the Fiji Rugby Union this sickness has now infected our rugby. Fiji Rugby Union High Performance Unit general manager Mike Ryan has resigned and no-one can say why. Ryan has said “I would love to elaborate but I can’t comment”. Fiji Rugby Union Chairman Filimoni Waqabaca has confirmed the resignation but told Fiji Live that he doesn’t know why he resigned. Waqabaca is Bainimarama’s appointee to the Board and also the Finance Department head who knows all the details of the secret Ministerial salary payments. The trademark of the Dictatorship way of doing things is that people are forced to say they’ve resigned after they’ve been sacked and no reasons are given. The one thing we do know, however, is that the country has gone down the drain since 2007 and our rugby teams performance has followed them.

Fiji Sun July 7, 2013
Ryan resigns

Fiji Village: 07/07/2013
FRU confirms Mike Ryan’s resignation

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