Khaiyum posing as the workers friend

Wearing his hat as Minister for Public Enterprises Khaiyum has granted a pay rise to the workers at the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) and its subsidiary, Ports Terminal Limited (PTL). He says this is because of the profits made by the company but no-one is fooled. This is a desperate attempt to buy some support among the workers in the lead-up to elections. This false friend fools no-one. Workers want the right to negotiate fairly, not hand-outs from a dictatorship that wants to purchase their vote and then sweep them aside.

Fiji Sun July 4, 2013 Pay rise, back pay for Fiji port workers

2 Responses to “Khaiyum posing as the workers friend”

  1. Ravin Says:

    Yeah, nice move, Khaiyum. But before the workers start celebrating, they should know that Khaiyum plans to sell all his state owned enterprises including ports, FEA and FSC. With the unions neutralised by this decrees, private investors are keen to come in at discount prices. Khaiyum sells way below value and shares the difference with the buyers. A win win for him and a disaster for the workers.

  2. Dredd Says:

    It must some sleight of hand or wizardry going on to award pay rise and back pay. Or are the numbers affected not significant enough to make a dent to the big purse. Any way the regime seems to have lots of money and we wonder where it came from. Is the finances not as bad as we are advised through rumours or the regime have some supply stream like FNPF or RBF Bank overdrafts. Whatever it is it would be interesting to know since everything is operating under cover and not transparently.

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