Lesu tale na koli ki nona lua

Like the proverbial dog that returns to its vomit, FSC has gone back to India to find a fix for the messed-up mills. They are looking to spend $5.5 million to make the mills work better. If $100 million makes the mills much worse, it’s anybody’s guess what $5.5 million will do. Tate and Lyle supplied experts to look at the mills but all that resulted in was Tate and Lyle deciding they look elsewhere for the raw sugar they need. If the regime was serious they look to Australia for some expertise, especially if they can find people who’ve worked in our mills in the past.

Fiji Sun July 4, 2013 FSC to bid $5.5m from India

2 Responses to “Lesu tale na koli ki nona lua”

  1. joe black Says:

    these fsc guys are just full of shit and should be shot

  2. The Sugarman Says:

    Only dumb Abdul Khan and his cohorts know the reason they keep relying on Indian “non-expertise” to fix our sugar mills. They already messed up the factories and it took so much money and time to return it to operational status. There are so many good ex-FSC staff out there who can help, but refuse to do so because those in power think they know better. Like it is written, “you shall know them by their fruits.” What we see in FSC right now is reflective of the caliber of people in its team.

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