Khaiyum arrogance on display

Khaiyum has called the shots on all that happens in Government and then has the nerve to claim that capacity-building in the elections office has been neglected for 10 years. Yes this is true, but he has held the reins for six and a half years. Over most of that time he and his Puppet Boss did nothing to help the Elections Office because they spent most of this time denying us an election. And make no mistake, this comment about they will “need to train people to become experts or specialists” is his slimy, back-stabbing way of criticising the staff who work under him now. The next step will be to get his Puppet Boss to approve stamping down on them all.

Radio Fiji 4 July 2013 Capacity building needed at Elections Office

6 Responses to “Khaiyum arrogance on display”

  1. Dredd Says:

    This office has virtually been redundant since 2007. Everyone if anyone at all is left who works in that office had nothing to do except twiddle their thumbs since then. The office was once operating smoothly but now been gathering dust in the cellar. Now iarse talks big about capacity and so on which is just big talk only.

  2. anonymous Says:


  3. Ratu Sai Says:

    That is the one thing the as ole is good at:talk and talk even though he is not making any sense

  4. losalini Says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised if all of the old staff get the push and khaiyum puts in his own people. by hook or by crook, he wants to win the 2014 election. either that, there is another coup by the same people!! these are desperate people who have tasted power and unimaginable riches.

  5. hp Says:

    yes the next plan is to follow an Egyptian style of coup after the elections. my bet is that the muslim advised new constitution of Fiji gives the army the role of guardian of the right to govern for the people. a world first. the only army in the world that has an external and internal security role. Franky does not run for elections but remains as commander. after the elections if the old politicians win, he will remove them and regain control…his claim would then be legitamised because his constitution allows it. Hows that for legal gymnastics.

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    Ah of course! The good ol ‘capacity building’ lament.

    No illegal & treasonous Khaiyum. What the country needs to see first is your handiwork in your draft Constitution and I’m sure the donors have been once bitten and twice shy in regards to all your empty promises.

    And of course the donors are only too aware of the regimes intent of the usual hustle to waste their taxpayers money for shameless public servants like Kisoko to campaign on their behalfs for, under the guise of ‘capacity building’ and ‘voter education’.

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