Don’t count the aircraft whatever you do

The Reserve Bank of Fiji’s report for June has a curious passage about the trade figures for last month. “The trade deficit (excluding aircraft) widened by 23.7 percent compared to a 12.9 percent narrowing in the same period last year, as exports earnings fell by a sizable 15.8 percent against a 2.1 percent growth in imports (excluding aircraft).” Can we see the figures with aircraft included? A billion dollars has been borrowed and spent on buying the Airbuses and it’s obvious this would push economic figures all out of shape so RBF have hidden it.

3 Responses to “Don’t count the aircraft whatever you do”

  1. losalini Says:

    only in banana republic of fiji! wonder who gives the orders to the reserve bank to issue such statements?

  2. aaa Says:

    so what is the deficit Including aircraft??
    typical regime bullshit…the bullshit now permeates through all of government institutions.

  3. Nizam Says:

    I am a bit disappointed that even the RBF undermines their own professionalism and starts to kiss Khaiyum’s butt. On the other hand economists will see the mess with or without aircraft: A significant widening of the trade deficit and a very significant drop in expert earnings says it all: The economy is doomed.

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