Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

Frank is trying really really hard to understand what Peter Thompson is explaining, but even when he closes his eyes and devotes all his brain power to the task, he cannot do it. The look on his face says “Peter, you’re wasting your time”. For her part, Shazzer is smart enough not to come between Dopey and someone trying to explain anything that requires more than a C grade Fiji Junior passed at the second attempt. So what was it that Peter was trying so hard to explain? Tips on how to recognise Russian Prime Ministers?

4 Responses to “Mission Impossible”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    If Peter Thomson is smart, he will see Bainimarama’s facial expression for what it really is — scorn.

    Even Shazzer’s facial expression with the furrowed brow gives away that she reads that look loud and clear as she’s probably also the recipient of similar withering looks.

    Only his boys know how to communicate at the neanderthal level with him.

    The sooner deluded, idealistic & dispensable public servants and senior officials get that key lesson into their heads, the sooner we can welcome liberty in this country.

    It is becoming tiresome to have to continue to count the number of the illegal and treasonous Baiyums trophy scalps.

  2. Bumboy Says:

    Hey guys what is the matter with you! All this negativity all the time. Why can’t you see the upside of things? What this picture shows to me is that Fiji is an equal opportunity society where even the intellectually disadvantaged get a chance to hold high office.

  3. No Honour Among Thieves Says:

    Of course the scornful look has been noted but do they care? So long as the kitty bag’s are full up 3 bags fools! lol. The iPM also knows fully well they secretly despise him but are too smart to show it lest they be frogmarched out of there quicksmart. He also probably has more respect for his enemies then the sucker-ups that surround him thinking they’re also god’s gift to Fijians. No Honour Among Thieves?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    To Bumboy
    Are you serious? Do you want someone who is intellectually handicapped to hold high office? If your boss were one of these, I guess you would be having frequent headaches and would bolt for the door just like the iPM did at the cassava patch. The Bible says, if the blind lead the blind, they would end up in a ditch. And that’s where this Country is heading to.There is nothing wrong with equal opportunities for everyone, but it is only fair and just that people hold positions equitable to their level of skills, experience, qualifications etc. After all, someone trained to use a gun to maim and to kill does not have the necessary skills and expertise to lead a civilian government; and that’s exactly what we are experiencing.

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