Another case of your property belongs to me

The regime is boasting about its new X-ray machine at Nadi airport, but most of us are not impressed. The purpose of the machine is not what they claim – “detecting even very tiny amounts of narcotics that may be stored in envelopes”. The real purpose is to search the luggage of Fijians visiting family so they can slap a tax on any presents for families just like they do with anything sent air freight. It’s just part of the big Bainikhaiyum grab. The Unexplained Wealth Decree allows Khaiyum to seize any property where the owner can’t produce all the records needed to prove they’ve earned and paid tax on all the money needed to buy it. Then there’s the Land Use Decree which makes all iTaukei land subject to state control in the “national interest”.

Fiji Times July 04, 2013 Border X-ray boost

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