What an embarrassment!!!


In the greatest feat of international embarrassment since he wiped his nose with a borrowed turban at the Golden Temple, self-installed PM Bainimarama has shown us why he’s unfit to hold any public office. In his meeting with the Prime Minister of Russia he shakes hand with the Medvedev’s interpreter, completely missing the Russian PM with his hand outstretched. It seems he thought the interpreter was speaking to him rather than just translating the greeting from his boss Medvedev. Thank you Real Fiji News for this world class feat of stupidity.


10 Responses to “What an embarrassment!!!”

  1. The mob Says:

    still suffering from the vodka and caviar hang over from the flight…lol.
    what a joke.

  2. madua Says:

    oilei sa kua ga!!…

  3. The Curse Says:

    now the Russians know first hand the idiot of a dicktator they are having to deal with. Prose to all the Fijians and their idiot of a leader.

  4. Dredd Says:

    bai was dumb from the days before he did the coup and is still as much dumb today. Who else would be dumb enough to execute a coup for no genuine reason. When one looks at it closely there is no reason at all for any coup except for self centered motives

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    What a complete and utter feck up. If tge world did not know the intellectual deficit of this illegal & treasonous common thug pretending to be Fiji’s Prime Minister, they do now.

    What the hell was Mataitoga doing and couldn’t he have drawn him a picture? This would be considered a major diplomatic blunder in normal civilized countries but not so for Fiji. Clearly rugby and sight-seeing were this huge delegations major priorties with a sprinkle of counter-balancing military ‘cooperation’ thrown in as veiled threats to our traditional partners. It looks like NZ was first to be duped with McCully extolling the BS virtues of the regimes preparations for elections (where the nation has yet still to see the regimes treasonous Constitution we might add), and the US today offering a milly of CONDITIONAL funds for elections.

    Haven’t we been down this road before?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Shocking! Oh please what a fcuking disaster, au sa madua na kaiviti.

  7. The Curse Says:

    the curse of the kaiviti chiefs and mana to Ratu Bananas and his crew of kaivitis (notice not one kai india, so much of one race Fiji) for embarrassing them by this order….u chiefs go and drink home brew under the mango tree.
    Now, Ratu BAnanas is in Russia drinking vodka under a cloud of big big shame for shaking the big Russian chiefs hand LAST!!! see who is having the last laugh.
    Just watch; this will not be the last of many embarrassing moments for Ratu Bananas.
    He will one day literally shit himself in public in Fiji before the chiefs that he insulted. The Curse will come.

  8. paparazi Says:

    Me a dodoka ga yani na ligana o Voreqe ka vutulaki taki interpreter sara. bwahahahahahahaha…..

  9. Bruce C Says:

    How long is the nation of Fiji accepting to be presented by an embarrassing moron? What else needs to happen before people wake up?

  10. Land of Parasites Says:

    the question is not how long but why.
    because like all institutions in Fiji and the leaders in them, they are all compromised unprincipled and dishonest lot.

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