Police still stonewalling on torture video

Naivalurua may think he can forget about the torture video but the world will not forget. It’s still there on YouTube for the whole world to see. He is responsible for the cover-up. He is the one who is an accomplice after the fact. He’s the one who will be on the Immigration banned lists of all countries that respect human rights.

Radio New Zealand 01 July, 2013 Fiji Police refuse any further comment on beating video

2 Responses to “Police still stonewalling on torture video”

  1. Bruce C Says:

    Thank you for re-posting this video. Such human rights abuses are common place in Fiji and the world has to see this.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Indeed and kudos to the media houses that keep Naivalurua’s feet to the fire about it.

    The longer they take to ‘investigate’, the poorer the look in the international community’s eyes ESPECIALLY as they’re trying most valiantly to export a total of 900 ‘peacekeepers’ all up to Golan to protect the rights of Syrians and yet they fare pretty abysmally in protecting the rights of their own people.

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