Not the news

Prime Minister Bainimarama today said from Moscow that his visit had turned out to be timely and beneficial, despite the loss of our Sevens team.

He said Russia had great depth in the holding of “genuinely democratic elections”. He said that they did not subscribe to the idea of so-called “free and fair elections” favoured by capitalist running dogs, but rather in Russia there was real expertise in holding “genuinely democratic elections” which means elections that get the right results.

4 Responses to “Not the news”

  1. VB Says:

    don’t farkn ask me what the difference is.
    all I farkn know is that theres gonna be NO farkn elections which is better than the genuinely democratic elections of the russians because I know genuinely and exactly what the fijians want…as I am told by airyass and Antoinette and the no shame madam.

  2. Ratu Sai Says:

    The sevens team should have gone to the Golan Heights after all that military training. That is why they lacked a game structure, in spite of the Coach’s assurance that the military training was to foster team bonding we saw 7 individual players on the field who lacked cohesion as well drilled team. What other sevens team does military training? NZ concentrate on rugby training and that is why they are the champs.

    The Vore(qe) was there on the pretext of official talks to watch the team and they lost…so much for handing out the jerseys and all that bullshit.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Indeed Ratu Sai.

    So much fanfare too from the RFMF dedicating this, that and the other to the team.

    The young ones would classify this as an ‘Epic Fail’ and they wonder why the FRU has lost/is losing valuable funds to develop the sport.

    Netball will be the same. Everything the regime and their cohorts entangle themselves with will fail most spectacularly.

  4. Parasites Islanders Says:

    soccer will be next.

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