The old Abdul Khan formula – lies followed by more lies


Abdul Khan has no trouble fooling Dumb And Dumber

On June 17, Adbul Khan said FSC is in “final talks” with the new mystery sugar buyer. Next thing we hear is on June 30 – talks are continuing. Does Abdul Khan know what the word “final” means? Why does he bother? Surely he knows his lies can can’t fool the cane farmers. Are they intended to fool Dumb And Dumber – ie the Minister for Sugar and his Permanent Secretary, Vaniqi?

Fijilive June 17, 2013
FSC in final talks with new buyer

Fijilive June 30, 2013 Talks continue with new sugar buyer

One Response to “The old Abdul Khan formula – lies followed by more lies”

  1. joe black Says:

    FDN you are right to ride this blood sucking flea hard he is just a crook preying on the fijians with nothing to help the fiji people. He is full of big bullshit from nz just another kiwi crook with big talk and his mindset is to suck up to the fijians like vaniqi and gucake and get them to do him favours. He is helping himself not others they need to rid this parasite from fiji once and for all. The sugar farmers do not need a bullshit dog like this and if the govt has any sense they will sack this crook bstrd

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