No mention of Land Bank

The newly self-installed Macuata paramount chief, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere, has urged the chiefs and people to work together to put idle land into production, including into cane production. He recommends that all farmers work together to practice of solesolevaki, working together to prepare land and plant, so is he also recommending that the farmers hold the land on a vakavanua basis? It’s conspicuous that there’s no mention of the Frank Land Bank.

Fiji Times June 28, 2013 Chiefs, people unite to make use of land

8 Responses to “No mention of Land Bank”

  1. losalini Says:

    please Tui Macuata, keep your land for your people. Do not give to the Land Bank. Money does not last but land will be there forever to feed your people.

    • PO BOX 620, NAUSORI Says:

      Land Bank does not own the land but administers the land and ensures that equitable returns are forthcoming for land owners to enjoy investments of their inherited assets. Land owners have every right to demand return of their land if no one leases or invest in the land after 5 years.


      • AA Says:

        so in 5 years u have no say? doesn’t sound right and fair to me. why wouldn’t nltb be allowed to handle the lease rather than frank, i.e. kaiyum, the muslim? so do not rationalise it cos at the end of the day the kaiviti loses control once handed over to the government and worse even if they don’t like the conditions set by franky and arsy they cannot challenge them in a court…how draconian is that??? every citizen have the right to challenge any government decision…that’s a universal human right…except in Fiji because it is governed by a dicktator. so don’t give that rationalisation to hide the unfariness of this decree.

  2. AA Says:

    until kaiviti learn to till the land themselves they will always be slaves to it

  3. hailmary Says:

    Fiji lost WC 7 semis. Where’s the media constructive criticisms? There was none in the first place so FRU, coach and players thought it was going to be ok. all riding on false hopes. Deep down the wrath of the Fijian people’s curses just came to bear. PM and his hilly billy family were all there at taxpayers expense, that didn’t help. Power to the people!!

  4. Navosavakadua Says:

    @PO BOX 620, NAUSORI

    You obviously haven’t read the Land Use Decree

    The most important part of the LUD is that most of the rules are set out in the Regulations , not the decree. The Regulations can be changed by the Minister without any consultation with anyone.

    And, most important of all, under the LUD, any decision made by the Minister cannot be challenged in court.

    It provides no protection for tenants or landowners. It gives control to the state.

    BTW you say the LUD “ensures that equitable returns are forthcoming for land owners”. This is NOT true. It balances landowners interests against the national interest.

    None of this is easy to read in the Decree but it’s all there. All power to state, none to the landowner or the tenant.

    Under all previous constitutions the landowners interests were protected by the Native Lands Trust Act and the tenants interests were protected by the Agricultural Landlord and Tenants Act. Now neither party is protected from the all powerful state.

  5. Tavarua Says:

    Its all fair to say that collectively everyone will benefit from turning idle land into productive ones, perhaps far better is to turn idle minds to productive ones. Education not idle lands yield profits, and one which the community will benefit from rather than the selective few that either have Ratu or Colonel as tittle,who profit from the sweat, and blood of those working the lands.

  6. The mob Says:

    the problem was never the Ratu…since 1987, the problem has always been the Colonel and Major, etc. the ones with the guns who cant keep their hands to themselves.

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