Another regime raid on the RBF

In 2012 the regime tells us the Reserve Bank of Fiji posted a profit of $25.4 million. So what do they do? Take $35.4m for their coffers! Where did the extra $10 million come from if it wasn’t the profit? This is typical of the Bainikhaiyum regime style. They are looting everything they can get their hands on and borrowing like there’s no tomorrow.

Fiji Times June 25, 2013 RBF records $25.4m profit

4 Responses to “Another regime raid on the RBF”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    How many Fijian businesses (well, let’s be frank iTaukei) businesses have wound up broke because they take more out of the business than its generating in profits?

  2. Nizam Says:

    The next big thing will be the sale of FEA. Khaiyum has everthing ready for the big one. The authority is worth 880 million and selling it will generate enough commissions and transaction fees for Khaiyum to make him and his green goon 20 million. Watch this space as the thing goes down!

    • Aunty Nur Says:

      Yes, we will sell FEA and I will be the transaction advisor. Next will be the housing authority (151 million), the FSC (212 million) Airports Fiji (174 million), and Fiji Ports Corporation (162 million). Most will go to the Chinese in directly negotiated purchase agreements. We do not like international tenders, we prefer the back room approach. Should these sales not generate enough extra income for the Khaiyum family, well there is still more to sell: Taukies’ land!

  3. Babra Malimali Says:

    Nizam looks like Khaiyum’s PA/PR as he is giving all accurate information.

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