Abdul Khan, can you give us a break

FDN rides Abdul Khan hard. We expose his exaggerations, inconsistencies and his lies, but we are always surprised by his stupidity. Two days ago he boasted that all the sugar for this year has been sold already – before it’s been produced. He then says the following day he “hopes” $19 million worth of sugar from last season sitting in Labasa waiting to be shipped will be exported next month. Is this the last of the 60,000 tonnes that was still unsold two months ago? And is “hope” the best he can manage? Has he got some kind of stall on the Malau wharf to sell to passing ships, or does he have contracts with real buyers? A man so incredibly dumb could not stay in his job without two men above him (Vaniqi and Bainimarama) who are even dumber.

Fiji Village: 27/06/2013 FSC hopes for export of $19M worth of sugar

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