Bainikhaiyum modus operandi

Charges against former National Fire Authority chief executive ]one Koroi have been dropped by FICAC. He was appointed in 2010 but dumped in 2011. After his dumping, he was replaced by Aseri Radrodro, a serial backstabber whose trail of dirty deeds started all the way back in the Sports Council, moving on to the Land Transport Authority. In both places his rumour mongering and back-stabbing created chaos (but helped the Bainimarama piglet to get her job at the Sports Council). He is a product of the Bainikhaiyum regime and its modus operandi. By dropping charges, the tangle of lies and intrigue behind the charges can all remain hidden. So much for the transparency that Bainimarama used to talk about after he seized power.

Fiji Times June 27, 2013 Former NFA CEO discharged

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