A meeting of puppets

Rokorok vakanace

Like in India, our strong man acts the toady

The Bainikhaiyum propaganda machine is boasting that our Number One Rugby Sevens spectator will be meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. FDN says this entirely appropriate. Medvedev is well known as a Puppet of Putin, just as Bainimarama is well known as a Puppet of Khaiyum. They’re not identical of course. Medvedev is operated by strings while Bainimarama is, as we all know so well, a hand puppet operated by Khaiyum’s hand up the s**a.

Fiji Live June 27, 2013 Fiji, Russia keen to foster relations
Spiegel online The Puppet President: Medvedev’s Betrayal of Russian Democracy

2 Responses to “A meeting of puppets”

  1. Dredd Says:

    OMG can see Mary in the background. Seems like a family outing and excursion to the 7’s RWC. The timing is a total giveaway.

  2. Semi Says:


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