Regime backdown forced

At last FICAC, through its lawyer Vincent Parera, finally admitted to the High Court that FICAC has no case against former PM, Laisenia Qarase, to support their prosecution of him for using NLTB trust funds to improve the Board’s computer system. It’s obvious this prosecution was only mounted to try to knock Qarase out of the elections. Once the Appeal Court knocked back Qarase’s appeal against his conviction on the equally phony charge of buying shares in FHL the NLTB trust fund charge was no longer needed. All of these charges are an abuse of the DPP and the courts for political purposes so it’s no suprise that the court was spared the dirty job of convicting Qarase on an obviously trumped up charge.

Fiji Times June 27, 2013 Court discharges former PM

One Response to “Regime backdown forced”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    The NLTB charge was a sick joke. Extinct mataqali funds were invested in providing an information system to improve the collection of rents from native leases.
    Throwing out that system trashed the investment and badly damaged the ability of the NLTB to collect rents efficiently.
    Now rent collections have gone down, but that hardly matters because Bainimarama is holding onto rents claiming landowners have to have bank accounts.

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