No mention of Moscow Sevens

Being PM means getting the best seats at the big matches

The Fiji Times report of Bainimarama’s trip to Russia fails to mention that the Moscow Sevens tournament will be held this week. We all know he’ll be there but he probably doesn’t want to draw attention to other members of the First Family First Class Travel Club who’ll be freeloading with him on the trip. Bainimarama is shameless in his family hand-outs.

Fiji Times June 27, 2013 Historic Russia visit

4 Responses to “No mention of Moscow Sevens”

  1. Dredd Says:

    Shameless ka dina sara ga. All money wasted on overseas jaunts could have been used to eased the plight of some poor and hungry families back home in Fiji. But no our selfish dictator and his family comes first and has to have the cream of all freeloadings paid by all taxpayers.

  2. daryl tarte Says:

    where’s all the so called self-righteous journalists who use to quack at any little slip those elected govts made. The media in fiji is full of gutless, spineless swine.

  3. VB Says:

    I will be waving the Russian flag as part of the conditions of the Russian help for u gutless spineless swines. Just watch the live telecast. so my family and I deserve every bit of humiliation just to feed u useless chiefs and crooked kai indias maganas.
    and daryl thanks for the farte on these monkeys – haven’t u noticed that they are so obese that they cant bend over? so gutless and spineless, oh no, no way. I feed them bullshit and they love it.

  4. Rusiate T Says:

    The more reason why WE ARE NOT VOTING FOR BAINIMARAMA IN next year’s election

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