Khaiyum dances on Sam’s grave


Khaiyum always has to call the shots

It’s not enough for Khaiyum to give Bainimarama the knife to plunge into Sam Saumatua’s back, he has to dance on his grave. This is his trademark – pure arrogance. Having taken over as Minister for Local Government, he calls a meeting of local government staff to remind them that he is the boss, that he calls the shots. He had to lay down the law according to Khaiyum. “The Special Administrators were reminded of the significant responsibility they carried to facilitate the Bainimarama Government’s vision for a better Fiji.” In other words: you will all do what I say – Frank does just that and so will the rest of you.

Fiji Sun June 26, 2013 AG tells councils: Honesty, transparency must be rule

9 Responses to “Khaiyum dances on Sam’s grave”

  1. Bruce C Says:

    The rise and power of Khaiyum is one of the great mysteries of the 2006/2009 coups. How is it possible that this corrupt and arrogant crook can get away with severe humiliations of senior civil servants and even senior RFMF officers.

  2. No more pork Says:

    Can someone remind us again who elected this pig?

  3. Babra Malimali Says:

    Look, he is smart because he is a lawyer-Journalist. That combination is very dangerous. Qarase also had that combination in his team – Richard Naidu: Remember this name?

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Wow. True @ Babra Malimali? I thought the only other self-proclaimed lawyer-journalist was Shyster Shameem ROFLMAO.

    I beg to differ on the ‘smart’ aspect of Khaiyum. He is a good actor and a good bullshit spinner if it is a one-way conversation — which he has all the time with the censored media in Fiji. If you had him in a public live debate he’d be shitting himself and whining to his mother Nazhat for a suckle at her teat.

  5. ask Says:

    u all scared of me cos I am a smart alec. and babra id love to get into ur bra. then u will see that im a really fun loving guy and god fearing but indigenous hating bastard. u lucky I let penis mau off the hook eh?

  6. Dredd Says:

    The bond between bai and iarse gets stronger with each act of atrocity. iarse is the perpetrator whilst bai is the logistical supporter. The power stems from the military which bai controls and iarse derives his power from bai. irase is the brain which runs the machination which suppresses the masses and keep them in power.

  7. FM96 Says:

    Hey Keep the faith, you right man on Shyter Shameem, she is the biggest spinner boy and in Rajendra Chaudhary’s language – winker hehehe.

    Ok on serious note,ladies and gentlemen, Khaiyum and Nazhat not even in talking terms since he took up the AG post. Nazhat did not even went for Khaiyum’s wedding boys and girls.

    Now add one plus one, Khaiyum was the one who refused to have Nazhat reappointed as judge. But Dr Shyster is very close to Col. Mohd Aziz of Fiji Military. Currently both were seen together at Mango Cafe having Mango juice. Cheers..

  8. AA Says:

    sorry fm96 Nazi didn’t want to be appointed cos her children would have been kicked out of England. both sisters are the same..come out the same asshole.

  9. Babra Malimali Says:

    AA we are came out from ‘a hole’! Or did you come out from somewhere else?

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