More lies from Abdul Khan

Only two months ago FSC hadn’t sold 60,000 tonnes of sugar from last season, now Abdul Khan is saying they’ve sold all they’re going to produce from this year’s harvest. And he’s claiming this year there’ll be 185,000 tonnes of sugar, but this depends on the mills producing a tonne of sugar from 9.7 tonnes of cane. Abdul Khan must know that the mills have been chewing on average 13 tonnes of cane to produce a tonne of sugar. Can he be serious about 9.7? If this is not achieved, and he really has sold ALL the 185,000 tonnes (minus local consumption) then he’s likely to find himself short of sugar.

Fiji Times June 26, 2013 Miller secures buyers

3 Responses to “More lies from Abdul Khan”

  1. saunivalu Says:

    Just another dreamer and a bushwacker

  2. Dredd Says:

    Are all these regime appointees trained liars? They are lying so much I was beginning to believe the lies. So is there truth in the saying that if you lie so often it just might be believed.

  3. The Sugarman Says:

    Dumb CEO Abdul Khan is becoming more dumber each day. He should just keep his big mouth shut and let the Mills crush sugar cane. When the results come out at the end of the season, only then should he speak. How can you sell something you have not even made?
    To answer Dredd’s comment above, no, these regime appointees are not trained liars, they are just so stupid because they do not know what they talk about.

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