Bainimarama says they’re ready

Coward medals
How does a coward have so many medals?

Bainimarama knows that the mission to the Golan Heights is more dangerous than any others that the RFMF has been sent on but he says they’re “ready”. Veterans who know him say this counts for nothing. He has no idea what troops need to be ready for military operations. He’s never been a real soldier. From day one as Commander he’s been a politician undermining politicians and creating divisions in the RFMF. He’s broken relations with our traditional allies and lost valuable training opportunities. Let’s hope our boys are ready, because this will be a real test. Let’s also hope they have all the equipment and back-up they need.

Radio Fiji 26 June 2013 Fiji soldiers ready for mission: PM

6 Responses to “Bainimarama says they’re ready”

  1. The Curse Says:

    hope the ghost of these dead soldiers curse him for 7 generations.

  2. bodyguard Says:

    Those are CVSDT Medals for only the extremely brave. The acronym is top secret. ssshhh! it is Cara i Veitavioka Sinai na Da na Tarausese.ssshhh!

  3. Rusiate T Says:

    One of the medals is for dashing down slope of a tavioka plantation running away from CRW and defecating in his pants.


  4. losalini Says:

    there is something terribly wrong here. sending young men to a war-torn country thousands of miles away from their home. bainimarama, we will hold you responsible when these fine young men start returning in coffins.

  5. vb Says:

    nothing wrong losa, the Fijian spears want to make international heroes of themselves. forget about being the local heroes. international heroes sounds a lot better than local villains.

  6. Nizam Says:

    This mission has the potential to wipe the stupid grin from the moron’s face.

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