Naivalurua’s hands are dirty


Radio New Zealand has continued to pursue the Fiji Police Force over the investigation of the crimes shown for all to see in the prisoner beating video. Police Commissioner, Iowane Naivalurua, is directly responsible for this failure. The legal buck stops with him. There’s no defence of ‘following orders’ for his failure to ensure that the Police meet their legal responsibility to investigate a blatant crime. Naivalurua kept his hands clean during the 2006 coup but his hands are now as dirty as anybody’s.
Radio New Zealand 24 June, 2013 Fiji police coy over brutality video probe

4 Responses to “Naivalurua’s hands are dirty”

  1. Ask Says:

    hes not clean of any coup

  2. Adios Amigo Says:

    Naivalurua’s hands are dirty. He is a corrupt bastard who pretend to be righteous in the face of the public. When Bainimarama tells him to jump he will jump. He lacks courage and good principle.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Naivalurua was my senior at school. He was a very respectable prefect and a top class rugby winger back then. Right now I cannot say the same about him as he no longer has the power or the will to stand up to the blatant injustices of the IG and persecute all who break the law irrespective of race, nationality, status etc.
    I saw his photo in the newspapers speaking to some students. His advice will be useless because he does not practice what he preaches.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Naivalurua has just witnessed 3 of his comrades (Saumatua, Vuniwaqa & Natuva) hop off the illegal & treasonous regimes merry-go-round going nowhere, yet he is happy to ride on without any qualms. He is not naive or stupid — in fact it merely supports his culpability in Bainimarama’s self-serving coup of 2000.

    Ratu Mara, in his interview with Fiji TV, made it quite clear that Naivalurua was one of those in the delegation that asked him to step aside as President.

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