Golan Heights a tough assignment

Professor Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs institute in Tel-Aviv, Israel has revealed that the Fiji UN observer force moving into the Golan Heights are going into a very dangerous area. The area was vacated by the Japanese and Croatians because of the danger of being caught between the Assad forces and rebels. Professor Rubin thinks this could involves making some very tough decisions.
Radio Australia 24 June 2013, Fiji UN troops in Golan may face tough decisions

3 Responses to “Golan Heights a tough assignment”

  1. VB Says:

    need the money…lifes cheap

  2. Bumboy Says:

    Perhaps the entire RFMF should go there. We could then remove Khaiyum and goons from power.

  3. kanala kiliqi Says:

    let’s hope our boys at the Golan Heights have all the support they need for their officers to make well-informed life and death decisions if the going gets tough – they can’t rely on their Commander to look after their operational stuff. He’s only concern is to get another assignment so he can claim the UN is OK with his regime – he’s got no idea of what communications and information requirements real soldiers got to have to survive. The only experience he’s got of a military operation was the veitavioka where he did not cover himself in glory.

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