Twenty percent still un-registered

While the Fiji Sun is trumpeting that 80 percent of Fijians are registered to vote, because that’s the regime’s line given to them to spruik, what the rest of us want to know is why were the registrations closed off so early and what is being done to make sure that all Fijians can register. Khaiyum either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that people in remote areas have trouble in meeting the requirements for registration. He’s too busy telling everybody else what they have to do to meet his rules to have any sense that he’s the one who should be making sure that everybody has a chance to register.
Fiji Sun June 22, 2013 More Fijians register: PM

One Response to “Twenty percent still un-registered”

  1. k9 Says:

    kaiyum is not interested in the rural areas cos they will vote sodelpa.
    hes only interested in the young naïve and gullible urbanites, especially in the eastern and western towns and cities cos that’s where most of the votes will come from.

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