The regime’s phantom army of voters

The Khaiyum Election machine is gearing up to register Fijians living “overseas” for next year’s election. They say they’ll be able to do it online, which means a whole roll of voters will be created inside the Khaiyum computer. Who knows maybe they’ll all be able to vote from inside his computer. What’s the bet that all these “overseas Fijians” turn out to be supporters of the regime. Whoever is monitoring this election will need to keep a close eye on this process.
Radio Fiji 24 June 2013 Fijians abroad welcome online registration

7 Responses to “The regime’s phantom army of voters”

  1. Sam Says:

    We just have to demand of thorough and corroborated cross checks of the overseas supports against roll registers as was done with SODELPA, Labour and NFP etc list of members…..if we are not satisfied we will agitate and if not satisfied we spill on to the streets to protest which will escalate further into physical opposition if not satisfied.


  2. Dredd Says:

    This is very tricky indeed. What are the numbers involved and how do they produce any identification of authenticity. How come this man Seru is still living in NC after all these years as a miner. Surely he must be an NC citizen by now if not he would just as eagerly returned to his place of birth for retirement. What about those that have renounced Fijian citizenship? Will they be registered as well? This is where the regime is plotting to conjure the numbers to carry them through. Thorough scrutiny is required and must be demanded by UFDF with the help of UN EU, Commonwealth and international monitors. It would be really suspicious if the registration net in more than 5,000 names.

  3. k9 Says:

    this will include the walking dead

  4. Phantom Says:

    fijis population just soared to be over two million Fijians….lol
    more living overseas than in Fiji.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    Odd that they illegal and treasonous regime are still coercing people into registering via EVR even though they said that electronic voting would not be used during the 2014 elections.

    This is beginning to sound much too much like their unsubstantiated claims of support to their Charter by ‘64% of the population’. In other words — lies.

  6. Bruce C Says:

    Whoever observes this election? We know for sure who is going to do that: Our brother from PNG. With their internationally recognised skills and experience in electronic voting, we can be sure that nothing goes amiss.

  7. Ask Says:

    what elections??? u gullible Fijians.

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