The Khaiyum hit squad gets ready

Razim Buksh a Khaiyum Kreature

Razim Buksh – a key part of the Khaiyum dirty work machine

From out of nowhere Khaiyum lackey, Razim Buksh of the Financial Intelligence Unit, has revealed that he has “received” six cases of unexplained wealth. He hasn’t said where these cases were “received” from, but we can all see this statement came hot on the heels of the declarations of the assets and incomes by office holders of the newly registered political parties. Khaiyum is no doubt gearing up to target the party leaders with his “unexplained wealth decree” which means anyone they target has to produce proof of where their wealth came from. They have to have at hand a lifetime of financial records showing how they earned every cent, or Khaiyum will seize their assets.
Fiji Village: 22/06/2013 Over 6 cases of unexplained wealth received

One Response to “The Khaiyum hit squad gets ready”

  1. losalini Says:

    “unexplained wealth”? could that be bainimarama and khaiyum and most of the top military men and civilian supporters?

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