SODELPA recognises a lady with courage

Ro Teimumu

Ro Teimumu Kepa, na Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi, did not choose a life in politics. She lived in the shadow of her older sister and pursued a life as a private citizen. Following the passing of her older sister, responsibilities fell to her which she had not sought but did not dodge. Her test came and she stood up to the unelected bullies of the Interim Government. Her position in the new Social Democratic Liberal party symbolises its stand against the illegal regime.
Fiji Village: 20/06/2013 Ro Teimumu Kepa is new SODELPA President

4 Responses to “SODELPA recognises a lady with courage”

  1. Sam Says:

    Now the stage is set to set in place policies, plans, and programmes then mass communications with the citizens….we await to support you SODELPA.

  2. villager Says:

    We did a matanigasau for Frank and had our photoes taken with him with ear to ear smiles, acknowledging the water tanks and solar power he did for the village. Come the elections, it will be SODELPA!!!! if this govt thinks we are stupid, ia me ratou qai vicai sara vakaukauwa kei Voreqe. Qo sa qai neimami qito, nomu i cici sara Voreqe. Cava o nanuma? o vakaisi taki ira neimami Turaga kei na Marama Bale o qai sogota na lotu wesele. Sa muri iko ga yani na neimami curse taki iko kei ratou na watimu kei na luvemu kei makubumu kanaloto, viavialevu, ulu kau. Kemudou sa na vaka tu na tauvi vukavuka, keimami sa vakasisilataki kemudou baleta ni dou sa rui duka, boica ka da via lua sara ga ni da raica e dua vei kemudou.

  3. Anon Says:

    go sodelpa, go chief, we will support you like u stood up to these bastards …but don’t forget, u must campaign for the 1997 constitution and nothing less…stick to your guns, sorry the others got it….stick to your promise.

  4. k9 Says:

    time for Fiji to have a woman prime minister and a woman president…get rid of these useless gutless ball less unprincipled pricks.

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