Backdown on vernacular Constitution?

Khaiyum has announced that his ‘new’ draft constitution is nearing completion. He also said “one of the final steps remaining is to translate the constitution into Fiji’s two other major languages of I – taukei and Hindi”. Does this mean that it will be translated and people will be allowed to comment in their vernacular before he’ll finalise his draft? When he first announced the timeline it was clear that the vernacular translation would come later. Has he been forced to backdown? In the villages iTaukei leaders are demanding that they see the draft constitution in their own language. Assurances by Khaiyum are worthless.
Fiji Village: 20/06/2013 Govt completes most of its revision on Draft Constitution

2 Responses to “Backdown on vernacular Constitution?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Be lnteresting to see the translation of Itaukei land EyeArse has been on about…..translation of a non-existent clause. Unless of cause the draft as it is is amended.


  2. Kaiyum Says:

    there will be translations AFTER I decree my constitution u dumb lot.
    Cant u read my lips properly. don’t listen to what comes out of my mouth. just read my lips.
    my dumb native leader has already told u that he is massaging the final touches after reading the 7,000 txt messages sent from nabua supporting my constitution so the only thing left is the colour of the print which will be green, to match the army colours and the muslim colours.
    what we haven’t decided is the colour of the natives print…theres a toss between brown and black, but I have decided that the print will be white on white A4 high quality chinese rice paper.

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