The truth cannot be hidden

Bainimarama thought it fair that he could have Fiji TV sports commentator, Satish Narain, sacked for daring to criticise the loud music played during events at the South Pacific Games which were under the direction of his daughter as CEO of the Sports Council. Good old dad Bai gave his daughter the job, so the least he could do was have her critics sacked. But he didn’t realise that this could never be kept secret. First, Coup 4.5 freedom blog site exposed it and now Radio New Zealand has reported it. Our muzzled media cannot report it, but now the world knows that Fiji TV were threatened with loss of their licence if they didn’t sack Satish Narain.
Radio Zealand 19 June, 2013 PFF condemns Fiji leader’s action against Fiji TV

4 Responses to “The truth cannot be hidden”

  1. Konakia Says:

    Bainimarama is telling us that he is not worthy of leadership position in Fiji and does not deserve our vote,

    In next election my Tikina in Namosi will NOT VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA….as decided by people’s decision and entrenched by continuing mismanagement of Government affairs and corruption such as sacking of Narayan.

  2. Dredd Says:

    Narayan did nothing to deserve this terrible fateful treatment by dictator bai. Where is the Fijian spirit of forgiving? Seems this has disappeared since the intergration of all races to be Fijian. bai is still ever so vindictive.

  3. karui Says:

    FB and his brood know no such thing as forgiveness. they are so bitter in their hearts that they lash out at anyone who appears to undermine their ill-begotten authority. Now this fat ugly slug of a slut is trying to throw her weight around. Litiana luveni magalevu magaboi vakai tinamu.

  4. Anon Says:

    equality is nonsense…only a sham by the dicktator.
    he sacks kai india, kaiyum sacks kaivitis…so that’s equality folks under this regime.

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