Now the military can see the hand in the puppet


A blogger on Fiji Today going by the name of “kaiyum has dictator as hand puppet” has said that the military are getting annoyed by the way Khaiyum can completely over-ride a senior military man who has accepted a job as Minister in the Bainimarama government.
“RISING FURY: Military top brass tell Bainimarama to resign if he wants to enter politics and call for the sacking of Aiyaz Khaiyum. Minister Timoci Natuva hands in resignation; also Colonel Sam Saumatua knew nothing of the resignation of the two town administrators”
If Natuva resigned, Bainimarama would be exposed as the Khaiyum Hand Puppet he really is.

3 Responses to “Now the military can see the hand in the puppet”

  1. joe black Says:

    natuva or nut is the dumbest minister ever he has no idea what he is talking abt- he supports fsc- abdul khan passenger train project- as a PPP- he does not know what he is talking about!!

    fsc is 100% govt owned company- where is the PPP

    maybe is wants to pee pee after all the grog and beer!!

    say veka brain

  2. Joe Singh Says:

    all lots of hot air by these kaivitis…the kaiindia has the final say so they can talk and threaten as much as they want but the indian got the kaivitis balls…only way out is to shoot them but then none got guts to do it.

  3. Kaiyum Says:

    my hands on his balls

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