ILO will maintain the presssure on Bainimarama

Fiji is on the agenda for the meeting of the ILO’s governing body to be held tomorrow in Geneva. The ILO executive hopes to get a mission to Fiji by October. We all remember the last ILO mission which was ejected from Fiji by Khaiyum last year and put Fiji on the global map of tin-pot dictatorships. Then last week he managed to do it again with the crude attempt to intimidate Felix Anthony when he appeared before the appeared before the ILO. Fiji’s representatives were caught with a video camera in the room where the meeting was taking place. All they did was prove that the Bainimarama regime is waging war against unions. Well done Khaiyum! No wonder Bainimarama thinks you are a genius!
Radio New Zealand 19 June, 2013 Significant ILO meeting expected to keep up pressure on Fiji

One Response to “ILO will maintain the presssure on Bainimarama”

  1. Anon Says:

    most of Fiji ones news tonite was about kaiyum and his lackies sucking up to the aussies whom they seem to hate so much and profess they don’t need their trade and aid…must be very humiliating having to force a smile, the bloody liar

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