Abdul Khan is not even a good liar

Sugar price
Experts say sugar price is set to drop

Abdul Khan has declared that the increase to $80 a tonne for cane last month was due to “hard work” and the good price that has been secured for sugar sales. Does he think we don’t remember that they’re still trying to sell part of last year’s production? As for price, as FDN showed last week, the price of sugar is down and heading further south. These lies are a bad sign. They show that Bainimarama’s orders to Abdul Khan are to talk up the industry to keep it going a little longer. He can’t afford a collapse before the election.
Fiji Village: 18/06/2013 Increased cane payment due to hard work – FSC

6 Responses to “Abdul Khan is not even a good liar”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    Here we go again! The dumbest CEO ever, thinking we are as dumb as he is to be convinced that the high sugar price was due to FSC’s hard work. The figures speak for themselves. FSC has not made any profit for the last couple of years and living on borrowed money. With sugar production at less than half of normal and with declining sugar pricing, the only way to pay out the so called high price of $80 per ton is to borrow some more. Lets see what happens this crushing season and what his excuses will be.

  2. Konakia Says:

    Khan is idiotic and clueless…why they post him to head FSC is our nightmare’s dream…EyeArse must be his supporter.

    Really unfortunate for Fiji that we have unprofessional and crazy people having say in our economy and governance… under suppressive dictatorship we cannot expect any better

  3. Anon Says:

    baini will be distributing sugar bags soon as part of his election campaign to the gullible kaivitis and kai rotumas so they can suck up his ass.

  4. Bruce C Says:

    FSC will be profitable very soon. They have an innovative plan to use their train network for passenger transport and they will soon produce fuel ethanol. Khan has assured that he is an expert in both areas and will ensure that these two new projects will have a return on investment in the order of 50%.

  5. A Says:

    u not serious brucey

  6. joe black Says:

    just such a pity conman abdul khan can con frank and aiyaz and dumb ass manasa into this type of bullshit no wonder the fiji people are so sad and poor landowners and sugarcane farmers

    good sense will look through this bullshit and he will be sacked soon he is only trying to fill his pockets with poor fiji peoples money through this bullshit

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