Yabaki goes quietly

When it came to standing up to a democratically elected Prime Minister Akuila Yabaki was a tower of strength. But confront him with a regime that seized power by force and has maintained its rule for 6 and a half years by subverting the constitution and the judiciary with the use of beatings and intimidation and Yabaki turns into a little puppy dog that barks occasionally but grovels and licks the correcting hand as soon as it’s raised over his head. He’s offered to print an apology (for telling the truth) before the judge has even passed sentence. Naturally, Khaiyum has asked for a prison sentence, despite Yabaki’s past service as a fellow-traveller, and this has done the trick in intimidating Yabaki.

Fiji Village 17/06/2013 CCF’s contempt of court case heard today

Fiji Times June 18, 2013 Bid for Yabaki jail time

8 Responses to “Yabaki goes quietly”

  1. avorosa Says:

    very true about this asshole, when we expect him to be fighting tooth and nail against the regime. send him to jail ASK, so they vutusona him inside.

  2. Anon Says:

    his lawyer had no balls to fight

  3. Anon Says:

    hes going to the Golan Heights together with Kevin Bar for penants…lol

  4. Santa Claus Says:

    He hired a lawyer without the balls – John Apted.

  5. Anon Says:

    jon has joined up with the regime to get some regime contracts

  6. Santa Claus Says:

    That is the oldest trick that Munro Leys has been applying. They did the same with Qarase government but this is Kaiyum not Bale. Apted will get a good kick on his…………I am not sure how many things he has and how many he doesn’t. Bit confusing when it comes to Apted

  7. Anon Says:

    hes got balls alright; hanging from his chin

  8. Santa Claus Says:

    Isa Anon, John Apted also has the other thing between his legs but unfortunately its tooooooooooooo small and is not in working condition………….isa phufta maca

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