UN exposes Khaiyum lie

In April Khaiyum claimed that the United Nations Development Programme refused to help the Fiji government draft freedom of information laws including a code of conduct for public officials. The UNDP’s representative in the region, Knut Ostby, has now exposed this lie. The truth is Khaiyum demanded help and the UN said they didn’t have the resources to help but would neverthless like to help when they could. Of course this is not good enough for a man who has the PM jumping at the snap of his fingers.
Radio New Zealand 18 June, 2013 UN rebuts claims it would not help with Fiji transparency laws

4 Responses to “UN exposes Khaiyum lie”

  1. Luveniwai Says:

    When you tell lies you would have to tell more lies to cover up the first one and then the rhythm continues. …and snow balled from there. FIJI POOR FIJI…. my soul and spirit cries for your future, the future of your children and your well being.

  2. Konakia Says:

    This is the same EyeArse who lied to the USA Immigration about his cancelled visa to the US.

    He is a habitual liar…lying comes out naturally as urine normally comes out of ,,,,,,yes, you’ve said it, you know.

    We cannot believe this lying AG. He is mirror of this illegal Govt….based on lying. This is why we will not vote for Bainimarama in next election as he is the lead liar.

  3. Anon Says:

    u just contradicted yourself…baini is a liar but u say theres gona be elections??? like the rest of the Fijians they live in a grog doped stupor and expecting pigs to fly…how long must u wait before u act???
    dakuwaqa, where is the plan?

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oh dear. Not only is Khaiyum a habitual liar, it is becoming evident that he can not keep up with all his multiple portfolios and requests!

    Khaiyum appears to be trying to squeeze the UNDP into a corner to get them to help with the illegal and treasonous military regime’s ‘transparency laws’, yet has a senior moment about the fact that the UNDP, in good faith, helped pay and support Yash Ghai’s draft constitution which the regime then duly dumped (or burned as the case may be).

    Once bitten, twice shy?

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