Frank didn’t dare

Fiji Sun has reported that “other church groups” made a bid for the job of Chaplain to the new Golan Heights contingent but the Methodist Church got the job. Frank knows that he’s pushed the limits with his persecution of the Methodist Church so its no surprise that he’s respected the faith of the majority of his troops.
Fiji Sun June 18, 2013 Rev named for Golan

5 Responses to “Frank didn’t dare”

  1. Luveniwai Says:

    Nothing new

  2. Luveniwai Says:

    If only Fiji soldiers could wake up from their Yaqona slumber party, only then they would realise how they have been used to effect the purpose of a few …. Wakey ….. wakey

  3. Konakia Says:

    He hates the Methodists so much that he regards them as expendable…he sends them over, soldiers and their church minister, to be slaughtered but he, VB, gets the praise for their participation on peace keeping

  4. Anon Says:

    akuila yabaki will be sent also as part of his jail sentence…death sentence

  5. Anon Says:

    then kevin bar of soap….lol

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