The bravery of the Cassava Patch Coward

As Croatian, Japanese and Austrians troops pull out of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) mission at the Golan Heights Bainimarama can’t wait to put 170 of our boys in the direct line of fire. When it comes to trying to buy political support, he’s generous with other people’s money and in military matters he has no shortage of courage with other people’s lives. The only time he’s ever been near military combat was in 2000 and his exploits were limited to running for his life down a steep slope while others did his fighting for him. Let’s hope the 170 are not walking into a disaster.
Fiji Times June 17, 2013 In the line of fire

14 Responses to “The bravery of the Cassava Patch Coward”

  1. Ron Says:


    Does Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry agree with his Sydney-based son and onetime political heir apparent’s embarrassing attacks on one faith?
    We were under the impression that Labour was promoting multiculturalism.
    Is the suspended Suva lawyer still in “The Master’s” party?

  2. Konakia Says:

    Indeed VB’s cassava patch dash was oiled and lubricated generously between the legs with defecation “se da” ..what a strong scented first battle experience.

    Am told he was able to step on and kill an innocent mongoose which was on VB’s dash path, busy scratching for tavioka to eat. VB should get a VC for slaughtering a mongoose in battle.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Dare we see Bainimarama sacrificing his own son Meli to that mission as proof of his valor and zeal towards ‘peacekeeping’? I think not. Meli will be hidden safely under his mothers apron or conveniently bundled out to PNG.

  4. STFU Says:

    one of the ways of fixing this army curse is to make it compulsory conscription for all races…then there will be no domination of the curse by the kaivitis…then KTF will have nothing to complain about

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    I am not complaining STFU. I am merely trying to point out the hypocrisy of the illegal and treasonous regime who scoff at ‘neocolonialism’ by Australia, NZ, the EU and the USA, yet turn cartwheels and are willing to lay down other peoples lives for Obama’s political war?

    Have we any business in this war? The foot soldiers are merely pawns and Rt Inoke, Peter Thomson and the rest of them must be proud. They would be — their sons are not going to be massacred out there.

    As long as Bainimarama and Aiyaz are happy that’s all that matters right?

    The genocide has begun and those supporting it, are party to it. How do you think this mission will affect our population statistics in 5 years time?

  6. syriafreedomfighter Says:


    Can they send Ben Naliva, Meli Bainimarama, Neovo guy and the rest of the wanna-be terrorist squad to Syria front line? And can they be as aggresive as they were in Fiji while doing patrols there? Kua ga, de sinai ga mai na nodratou body bag na mi kei na da. Vakai FB ga in the veitavioka. Bwahahahahha

  7. Keep The Faith Says:

    ROFLMAO @ syriafreedomfighter.

  8. STFU Says:

    sorry KTF, the kaivitis are invincible…franky and his army are living proof of that…so what u worried about the population numbers for

  9. Ateca.V Says:

    Seti seti STFU. Lako lei bunau vei na tacimu ko FB ! Kusa !

  10. STFU Says:

    Vosota, got it wrong…the muslim AG is invincible…army heirachy and kaivitis PM most vulnerable

  11. Anon Says:

    and all the other foreigners are invincible…KTF

  12. STFU Says:

    even out the numbers that’s the plan KTF….too many chiefs not enough Indians….lol.

  13. Kaiyum Says:

    im sending u kaivitis to train and learn how to remove a dicktator so stfu ktf cos u guys cant do anything unless I send u overseas for training…why do u think I send frank every fortnight overseas for???

  14. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sa! Nahi sako! Miracle of miracles!!

    170 is now equal to 500!!

    Someone sure wants QEB cleaned out & troops sent to eternal life chaldi karo style? There go those votes…

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