Listening in Lomaivuna?

minfo photo

According to the regime’s official voice, The Fiji Sun, “The Prime Minister took time out during his visit to Lomaivuna to spend time listening to the people’s concerns.” But the report that follows has only the dictator lecturing the people about his reforms and how the people have to accept them. The Fiji Sun says nothing about the “concerns” of the people. Bainimarama said he went to listen to their concerns, but nothing is said other than he’s made changes which people have to accept. Click on the image of the people waiting for their dictator and see just how demoralised they are. Bainimarama listens to only one voice and the people of Lomaivuna understand this very well.

Fiji Sun June 15, 2013 Accept changes: PM

3 Responses to “Listening in Lomaivuna?”

  1. Dredd Says:

    We will accept legal and rightful changes not you and your thuggish brand of unilateral forceful changes. We have decency and intellect to determine for ourselves whats good and right for us as we have been doing until bai came along and thinks he can decide for us. Some gullible ones will buy your bluff bai but those who can think and reason can see through your whitewash.

  2. Anon Says:

    will u kaivitis take bags of sugar cos baini cant sell the sugar to anyone overseas????

  3. villager Says:

    one bag of sugar and one bunch of bananas please and ill vote for u anytime brother

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