The joke that just gets funnier


From the moment Bainimarama appeared in his Big Chief feather hat the Denarau casino has been a joke. Larry Claunch says he has more money than he needs to build the casino but still no casino appears. Deadlines keep being set and then changed. The ground was broken, which was supposed to be followed by construction, but that didn’t happen. Now they’ve got another extension and they’re going to change to a new site on Denarau. Does this mean they think they can have another ground-breaking ceremony?

Radio Fiji 12 June 2013
Casino construction deadline extended by a week

7 Responses to “The joke that just gets funnier”

  1. Nizam Says:

    Good luck to Khaiyum, Larry and Frankie. Finding a lender for this project may not be as easy as it seems.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    The JOKE really is on that idiot proudly wearing that indian headdress, given to him by a caucasian.

    The punchline however is that the real owners of that headdress don’t know the caucasian from a bar of soap, and the doofus has been bundled out of the picture while the main benefactor of this deal, Khaiyum, tries to firefight his way out of a major con job and to save face.

    What a group of simpleton natives the regime is — still turning cartwheels & handing over land for muskets & cheap glass trinkets.

  3. Roseru Says:

    The shawl or whatever over his thick empty head looks more like a used badly soiled cheap door rug from Big Bear Easter or garage sales

  4. Dredd Says:

    bai looks as dumb as he really is. He will do anything , wear any attire just to please any potential donors to his cause – whatever it is. He is an embarassment to Fiji.

  5. Konakia Says:

    The Board members of the Fiji Natives Tribal Congress have instructed Suva-based legal firm Nawaikula Esquire to file a writ in Fiji’s High Court against Air Pacific (renamed Fiji Airways) for seeking to obtain copyright to 15 traditional iTaukei masi designs.

  6. ANON Says:

    the writ will fail cos kaiyum law does not recognise indigenous ownership of anything…equal rights remember.
    kaiyum orchestrate and Bainimarama and army play the tune and all kaivitis do the meke…

  7. ANON Says:

    kaiyum already sold the kaivitis land in the land bank

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