Has Sam resigned?

Bloggers are reporting that the Minister for Housing and local Government, Col Samuela Saumatua, has resigned. This would not be surprising following his humiliation at the the hands of Khaiyum. Some bloggers say he had it coming to him because he was part of the regime, but people who know Sam think he’s one of those people who thinks he can make a bad regime better. If he resigns now he might just be able to do that. He’d be proving what everybody but Bainimarama can see clearly – Khaiyum calls all the shots and Bainimarama is left looking like his puppet.

4 Responses to “Has Sam resigned?”

  1. Supremo Says:

    Hopefully Sam has now seen the lite of day. If u are reading this Sam and if you have resigned; good on ya. If not , than u better , coz Kaiyum , one day soon will have your head on a platter. Why? If there is any wrongdoing by the 2 execs who got fired , guss whoo will the scapegoat of the Regime?

  2. Ross Says:

    Samuela, life does not end there. In fact you will be serving your country and people well if you can join the opposition to this illegal regime.

    Your mode of opposition is your choice and you will find mny, many supporters.

  3. Bumboy Says:

    Natuva will be the next to go. He is in a serious row with Khaiyum’s secret plans to sell FEA and take a huge kick-back in the process. What is really amazing is how senior RFMF officers accept to be kicked around by Khaiyum.

  4. Tan-Wah Says:

    Sam, you were always desperate for money and at last, for the past 7 years you have really enjoyed it with your pockets full. But being part of a regime you know was unlawful, you have sold your soul, your principle and your reputation in the process. Your children will live to regret your name they carry in years to come.You could have stepped aside after the Appeal’s Court decision in 2009 but money was at it’s sweetest taste and you just could not resist the temptation for a few dollars more.
    I only hope others like Natuva, Seruiratu, Vasu , Naupoto,will also come to their senses soon.

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