The ministerial salary grab

Regime Salaries Chart

Khaiyum has forced the officials of all political parties to declare all their incomes while keeping his own salaries and those of his puppet boss as closely guarded secrets. But it’s now out in the open. Radio NZ and Radio Australia are broadcasting the reports of salaries which total more than a million dollars for each of the top bosses. All Khaiyum and his boss have to do is declare exactly what salaries they receive and how they are paid. Continued silence can be taken as confirmation of the reports of multiple salaries.

Radio Australia 12 June 2013
Claims Fiji interim PM and AG are paid more than a million dollars

5 Responses to “The ministerial salary grab”

  1. Ateca.V Says:

    Saumatua has resigned we have been told, not pushed . Can you find out more about this FDN?

  2. losalini Says:

    well, well, well!. the ball is now in their court. if it’s only allegations, then they should come right out and deny them. but the longer it’s out there, most people will believe that they are just a bunch of corrupt, lying, conniving, bastards. we sure don’t want them to rule fiji another 7 years!

  3. Amani sa Rauta Mada Na Tokona Tiko Na Kai Idia Vakai Voreqe keina Corruption Says:

    Wonder where is Saumatua daughter lawyer who was sacked from SCC for reading c4.5…..
    He didnt even say a thing….WHAT A LOSER!!

  4. Dredd Says:

    It may be just speculation but everything seems to point in that direction. The unnecessary hogging of so many ministerial positions, hidden salary payment via private firm instead of finance dept, buying up of properties and failure to reveal personal emoluments and their failure to refute these allegations. One can’t help harbor the inkling that these could be true..

  5. Ateca.V Says:

    Amani .. this is not about Saumatua not saying anything when Mohd was crowned Jesus etc … this is about the fact that things must really be rotten in the State of Fiji when Regime lackeys like Saumatua are RESIGNING !

    To me that tells me something like the regime’s cracks are showing.

    Get it now?

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