The pamphlets that create panic

Once again the regime has admitted that it’s concerned about the circulation of pamphlets in villages. According to the regime the pamphlet contains lies, but they haven’t said what the lies are, or what the truth is. The military have admitted that they are worried by the pamphlets, which they say could create “incitement”. Does this mean the top brass are worried that the rank and file are hearing the truth which they cannot hear in our controlled media? No doubt the ‘lies’ include the 100% true statement that the Khaiyum draft constitution provides 0% protection for the institutions of indigenous land ownership.

Fiji Sun June 11, 2013
RFMF joins effort to counter “lies”

10 Responses to “The pamphlets that create panic”

  1. Soko MATAI Says:

    I distributed and discussed printouts about salaries of the dictator and EyeArse, article by Koyamaibole on LACK OF protection of Fijian land in proposed constitution and EyeArse’s lies to USA Immigration about his cancelled USA Visa.

    Noticed that they were received with interests and I asked my fellow villagers and everybody I handed the printouts to NOT TO VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA.

    I covered at least 4 villages in Tailevu North and distrubuted to many many people in Nausori and Suva area last weekend during busy market days. I know of 6 other distributers working in their villages and urban areas.

  2. Anon Says:

    good on u Soko…u still got your limbs intact?? all the best bro, pity not enough of your brothers and sisters..maybe dakuwaqa can take a leaflet off you.

  3. Talanoa Says:

    To date I have updated at least 500 people in my province about the non protection of taukei land in new constitution. These people were at funerals and other gatherings in the villages so they have spread the message.
    The longer the constitution is dragged on the better so that all kai vitis know the truth about these kai viti sona lelevus running this magaitinana matanitu

  4. Asha Lakhan Says:

    “Rajendra Chaudhry8 hours ago via mobile2013: “We need to set up a Fiji Nationalist Front to protect Fiji from mainland Chinese invasion and Muslimisation by Khaiyum.”

    This is what Rajend Chaudhari, the son of M. P. Chaudhary wrote on his Facebook.All Muslims now decide: will you vote of any party where M. P. Chaudhary stands as a leader/or candidate?Make a choice now. Say no to racism. …”

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    Amazing. Prepare to also predict this Lt Col Suliano: Bainimarama will lose the elections.

    Not because of the pamphlets but simply because each passing day produces more feck ups from all your flawed policies where people are trampled upon. Consider the number of people who have lost their ability to earn a living during your 7 yr illegal reign of terror & then multiply that (conservatively) by 5 for every person that is directly or indirectly sub-dependent on those salaries/wages and THEN multiply those numbers (conservatively) by 5 again for people that they will relay their ordeals to.

    Who needs pamphlets when reality tells the story far more grippingly? Soon people won’t even need the stories because the vacant looks of dejection, depression and even anger will be so commonplace that it can only be released in an outlet like the voting booth.

    Keep those stunts coming.

  6. STFU Says:

    asha lakhan just keep chaudry out of the blogs please.
    u got a personal agenda take it up with him directly.
    we sick of hearing the same old crap.

  7. Meow Says:

    STFU, read what the lady Asha wrote. This nothing to do with personal agenda. She is talking about stopping racism which people of your type enjoy discussing.

  8. Butadroka Junior Says:

    Asha & Meow
    Bitch Pussies – whats the big deal about what Rajend is saying?

  9. Meow Says:

    ‘Bitch’ that title was long ago given to your mother

  10. STFU Says:

    pussycat and family just go somewhere else with ur chodry family obsession…stay on coup4.5

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