Tate and Lyle have had enough

Tate and Lyle have started the pull-out of their advisers from FSC sugar mills. They will all be gone by the end of the year. Vaniqi claims their job has been done, but we all know the truth. Mills have improved from their worst, but they’re still not back to where they were before the botched Indian mill refit program. Before the coup it used to take 10 or 11 tonnes of cane to produce a tonne of sugar. After the refit this blew out to 14 tonnes of cane in 2010. The figure for the last 2 years haven’t been published but the figures for cane and sugar production thrown around by the regime indicate it must have been 12.5. it looks like Tate and Lyle don’t expect it to get any better than that. If that’s case, sugar is finished.

Fiji Times June 12, 2013 Tate and Lyle pull out

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