Can we scale the Golan Heights?

A blogger on freedom blogsite Coup 4.5 has put his finger on a very important issue. How ready are the RFMF to deploy to a real hotspot after a decade of being run by a man who’s a politician not a soldier?

“Thanks to Bainimarama, the RFMF is losing its readiness to serve on peacekeeping missions, even in a light infantry mode. The U.S. ban against military training and equipage, caused by Bainimarama’s coup, is ever steadily lowering readiness. Syria isn’t a permissive environment filled with a passive, apathetic and unarmed populace. It isn’t Suva.”

One Response to “Can we scale the Golan Heights?”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    RIP lads & ladettes. You can’t “fight” sarin nerve gas:’re-set-for-golan-heights/

    It is not too late for troops to choose not to be part of the mindless bloodbath. Don’t be swayed by the higher ups and the big talk about glory for the nation, when the bearer of those words will never sacrifice themselves nor their own sons for this mission:

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